Legacy: Kezi is Musical Director!

Friday, July 1st, 2011
Posted by Kezi

A film by Stephen Savage

The U.S independent feature film Legacy garnered awards for best film and best actress in a leading role at it’s first U.S film festival this year.

It screened at The Camelot Theatre in Palm Springs, California, gathering some excellent reviews and is released in the U.S this month, with worldwide release to follow.

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Exclusive screenings in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York are imminent and Legacy will premiere in the UK this year.

In addition to acting as Musical Director and songwriter on the film, Kezi also wrote and produced the original musical score alongside colleague Daz Shields. Stringfever’s feature performances make this score unique and put it in a class of it’s own. Kezi and Daz have created a score to be proud of.

Musical Director: Kezi Silverstone

Original Musical Score: Kezi Silverstone & Daz Shields.

Strings: Stringfever

Guitars: Graeme Eve & Chris Shields.

Vocals: Kezi Silverstone, Maja Pardew & Daz Shields.

Songs Performed By: Kezi Silverstone.

Songs Written By: Kezi Silverstone, Mark Hanna, Simon Tauber, Ray Wright, Daz Shields & Lou Mullenger.

Songs Produced By: Mark Hanna, Kezi Silverstone & Daz Shields.

Starring: Kyrie Maezumi, Wolfgang Bodison, Cazzy Golomb, Francesca Brown, Will Wallace, Carson Aune, Kristina Grindle, Oscar Torres, Michael Alspaugh, Alisa Shultz, Conor O’Farrell, Kimmarie Johnson, Christopher Pennock, Jim Rizor, Jackline Lee Robinson, Josh Cieszynski.

Director of photography: Shawn Booth

Production Photography: Cressida Jade.


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