The Secrets She Hides

The Kezi Silverstone Trust (registered charity) helps children bounce away from a dark past, into a bright and sunny future.

This story is fictional. The reality of what it represents, is very real…

The Secrets She Hides

“At first he was so nice to me, it felt so perfect and I was so in love with him. But then he started to change. He got aggressive and very bad things started happening”

Child Grooming: When someone builds an emotional connection with a child to gain their trust for the purposes of sexual exploitation and abuse, such as trafficking, child prostitution or child pornography. The groomer will pull the child in by being kind, attentive, loving and often giving them gifts.

Children are less likely to tell anyone what is happening to them if it involves someone they know, trust and care for.

Once they have established trust, groomers will exploit this by isolating the child from friends or family, making the child feel dependent on them.

They will use any means of power or control to make a child feel that they have no choice but to do what they want. Sometimes they introduce ’secrets’ as a way to control or frighten the child, blackmail them, or make them feel ashamed or guilty. This is to stop them telling anyone about the abuse.

Vulnerable girls and boys who are craving love and attention, are groomed and then abused, often for years on end, leaving them deeply traumatised and scarred for life…

With thanks to Craig Hinde at Oblivion Studios for understanding our vision and helping us to create this film.

Thank you Aimee, Phil, Darren and Dean for dedicating yourselves to this film. You bring the story to life.

The Kezi Silverstone Trust: Helping children bounce away from a dark past, into a bright and sunny future.

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