Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes CoverKezi’s album ‘Whatever it takes’ is produced by Dan Frampton (Dido/Liberty X/Rick Astley/S Club), Oskar Paul (Depeche Mode/Seal), Stuart Epps (Elton John/Robbie Williams/Twisted Sister), Ian Catt (St Etienne) and Kezi herself. This twelve-track album is a blend of acoustic, guitar pop, an occasional hint of rock and a sprinkling of country.

“…for me this album has been a journey, full of history and with feelings often laid bare, the experiences that life has brought to me are at times reflected in my songs, but not always…there are times when they have simply stemmed from a crazy observation or some mad fantasy. it has often been a cathartic experience, however, never sad and always resulting in revelation…I have been challenged in life, but I knew in my heart since the first words I spoke and the first step I took that I would get there…whatever it takes…”  ~Kezi

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