Street SunglassesKezi Silverstone is a singer/songwriter of great depth and passion. To date, her life has been somewhat challenging and colourful, resulting in a woman who is armed with both inspiration and determination. Her album ‘Whatever it takes’ has been a personal journey, cathartic at times and often calling on her somewhat colourful life experiences

With a background in theatre and dance, Kezi could easily have chosen a different route. However, at the age of 17, her love for music took precedence when she formed her own band. Performing a set of self-penned songs and cover versions, Kezi and the band soon became highly sought after throughout European clubs and military bases.

The mid-90’s were spent travelling between the UK and America, where her family are based, but her permanent home is in the UK.

Kezi embarked upon various song writing and recording sessions with some outstanding producers and writers including: Brian Higgins (Believe/Cher, All I Wanna Do/Danni Minogue, Disco 2000/Pulp), Tom Nichols (Black Coffee/All Saints, Fever/Kylie Minogue), Ian Catt (St Etienne), Simon Tauber (Just A Little Bit/ Gina G), Ruff Driverz (Don’t Stop, Deeper Love), Stuart Epps (Elton John, Robbie Williams). These collaborations allowed Kezi’s own skills as a writer, singer and producer to flourish.

In 2003 Kezi teamed up with dance producer/writers and turned her talents to writing and producing the dance anthem ‘What A Feeling.’ Complemented by stunning mixes from Almighty & Rob Searle, plus bonus mixes by Maximus & LeeJay, Kezi embraced the dance arena with enormous success. Kezi featured as guest vocalist on ‘What A Feeling.’ The track immediately broke into the top ten breakers chart and subsequently reached number 5 in the commercial pop top 30 and the upfront club chart top 40, despite competition from the likes of Holly Valance, Reef, Dario G, Moony and Mariah Carey.

‘This is who I am’, Kezi’s first solo release, written by Kezi, Tom Nichols and Alex Von Soos and produced by Oskar Paul and Rick Baraclough gained great support across the airwaves in late 2003. The track was play listed on at least 30 radio stations nationally. The track was selected to compete on Capital FM ‘Spin it or bin it,’ for ‘Record of the week.’ It won the public vote and beat Mel Blatts new single. It then went into the final against Blu Cantrell and Benny Benassi.

Her single ‘Nightingale’ also achieved great acclaim throughout the UK, Europe and Republic Of Ireland. She has performed acoustically on many radio stations, including Capital Radio (with Schooly), LBC (Mathew Wright) and an unplugged set on the legendary Dave Lee Travis show.

‘Angel’ a track from her album features on the American feature film ‘Cosmic Radio’ starring Wes Studi (Last of the Mohicans/Heat), Irene Bedard (Pocahontas/Tree of Life), Taboo (Black Eyed Peas) Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs/Sin City/Kill Bill) and Ricardo Chavira (Desperate Housewives/Six Feet Under).

Crochet Color Hand To FaceAutumn 2009 brought new song placements for Kezi. Album track ‘I know why’ was selected to feature in upcoming U.S feature film ‘Secrets Kept’, produced by Miami based Pas Media and starring Montell Jordan and Julio Iglesias Jnr. Kezi is currently writing songs for various film and recording projects both in the UK and across the globe and continues to collaborate with acclaimed writer/producers.

Autumn 2009 brought about her engagement as Musical Director, composer and song writer for the American independent film ‘Legacy’ (American film festival winner). The score itself has been challenging. A psychological thriller, so heavily dependent on the intensity of the score has required huge dedication and time. Her colleague Daz Shields joins her on the musical score. Kezi has also written (and performed) songs for the film soundtrack, alongside co-writers Mark Hanna, Simon Tauber, Daz Shields, Ray Wright and Lou Mullenger. Her mentor, the legendary, writer, composer and producer David Mackay has pushed her to take her skills to the limit and his support has been invaluable beyond words.

Kezi also features on the track ‘Heartbreaker’ by ‘The Beat Royale’ which is due for release later this year.

Kezi has graced the pages of many national and international newspapers and magazines and has also appeared/performed on national and international TV shows. However, the past couple of years, whilst she has been asked to feature in various publications and documentaries, she has chosen to stay out of the limelight and focus on her many projects and the causes that are so very close to her heart.

Kezi is an avid supporter of children’s charities and has created funds and awareness for Barnardos and RASASC and other children’s charities for many years. As a survivor of abuse herself, Kezi fights tirelessly for awareness for the charities that help prevent abuse to children. A huge supporter of animal welfare, Kezi is also patron of Friends of animal’s league.

Whilst working on her solo recording career, Kezi has also modelled for one-off projects. Chosen from an extensive list of celebrities, models and established recording artists, Kezi became the celebrity ambassador for the Faberge Lynx campaign. During her term as the “Face of Lynx”, Kezi enjoyed an unprecedented level of support from the British media.

Lying Down Crochet B&WKezi’s love of theatre and acting briefly re-invented itself through her feature role as “Cindy” in Jonathan Creek. She has continued her involvement with television and film at varying levels but her music takes precedence.

Kezi has headlined at ‘The Borderline’ (London), has performed at Shepherds Bush Empire, Birmingham Academy, Manchester Academy and to 30,000 people at Glasgow Stadium alongside acts such a Blue, Darius, Danni Minogue and Mark Owen. In November 2003, selected from hundreds of British acts by BBC World, Kezi travelled to China to appear in a televised concert as part of AIDS awareness.

Kezi has suffered from Chrohns disease since her early teens. Fortunately this has been ‘stable’ for many years (which she largely accredits to her diet) and whilst she does experience discomfort and problems related to the disease, she does not suffer the extreme symptoms that some other Chrohns patients sadly live with on a daily basis. As a lover of food, Kezi went on a mission to develop a diet that meant that she could eat for England, be healthy, slim and full of vitality. Her ‘food for life’ programme. No calorie counting, no constant visits to the gym!

In addition, in 2010, Kezi will continue work on her non fiction novel which is inspired by her life. Her personal journey has been so powerful and inspirational and as she has repeatedly been told her… it is quite simply… ‘what movies are made of’…